The Skin Care Source
Advanced Cosmeceutical Formulas that Deliver Serious Results
Who we are:
The Skin Care Source develops clinical skin care products for the private label market. Our management team has more than forty years of experience developing and marketing skin care products. The Skin Care Source chemists, formulators, and executives have worked in some of the country's leading cosmetic and skin care companies such as, Bath & Body Works, Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Arden, Georgette Klinger, Mary Kay Cosmetics, M.D. Formulations, and the Clinique La Prairie, originator of the world famous Swiss skin care line.

What we do:
Our Mission is to create, manufacture, and market scientifically advanced clinical skin care products for the private label market. They are on-trend, and are targeted solutions for branding and customizing exclusive clinical skin care products. Blended with patented complexes, botanical blends, and sea extracts, our products are effective, easy to use, and a good economic value. We formulate our products using concentrations of active ingredients that are proven to achieve the results consumers want; and then deliver those ingredients using a patented delivery system that increases absorption and creates a liquid reservoir that imparts long lasting benefits to the skin. This is the reason why our products work.

We, at The Skin Care Source, do not believe in animal testing of any kind.
The Skin Care Source
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